Windy, 6 Passenger Montauk Charter Boat

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The Windy is a 40' foot custom built fiberglass sportfisherman. A downeast hull, designed by, renowned marine architect Ernest Libby, built by Young Brothers of Corea, Maine, finished to U.S. Coast Guard Specifications and my design, gives her a safe, soft ride in roughest weather. Powered by a 8V92TI Detroit Diesel for safety and speed, this engine, rated at 600 HP, lets the WINDY cruise comfortably at 20 knots. With that kind of speed we get to the fishing grounds long before other boats.

Fish Montauk with the Pros

She is equipped with the best in electronics: for fog and night time running, a Ratheon 20X Rastascan Radar; for pinpoint accuracy when bottom fishing or trolling, a Northstar 800X Loran?C and G.P.S. interfaced with a Robertson AP20ODL Auto Pilot to get us from the fishing ground as quickly as possible; to locate the fish when we're there, a Si-Tex C.V. 110 color fishfinder and a Raytheon V700 amber video fishfinder as a backup, both of which are sensitive to one fish that's right, one, beneath the boat. Both of these also give water temperature, the most important factor when offshore for Tuna and Marlin. And, of course, she has V.H.F., C.B. and S.S.B. Radios for safety and to keep us in touch with other boats. In addition, she carries a Class 1 E.P.I.R.B. in case of an emergency, and fire and life-saving apparatus as required by the U.S. Coast Guard.

AT Montauk Fishing Charters we are especially sensitive to the needs of the client. We are aware that there is often the need for a boat that takes more than 6 people. Currently, there are 5 boats in Montauk Harbor than can take more than 6.
We've had some impressive catches here at Montauk. Take a moment to view our photo gallery and see the variety available in the area.
Montauk Fishing Charters is an independent, FREE booking service We are not restricted by marina affiliation, so we are able to offer the widest variety of big, fast comfortable sport fishing boats in Montauk Harbor.