Montauk sportfishing charter boat, Alyssa Ann, is a consistent fish catcher. Fishing the offshore ocean waters off Montauk, NY for sharks, tuna, marlin and dolphin (mahi-mahi). Fishing the inshore waters closer to Montauk, Charter Boat Alyssa Ann specializes in catching trophy striped bass, monster blue fish, doormat fluke and jumbo sea bass and scup, as well as bulldog blackfish.

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2nd Place, Red Lion Mako & Tuna Tournament 1992
Winner, Mako Div. Star Island Shark Tournament 1993
2nd Place, Montauk Marine Shark Tournament 1993
2nd Place, Star Island Mako Mania Tournament 1993
Winner, Red Lion Mako & Tuna Tournament 1994
3rd Place, Star Island Shark Tournament 1995
Largest Shark, 560 lbs. M.B.C.A. Tournament 1995
Winner, Red Lion Mako & Tuna Tournament 1998
3rd Place, Montauk Marine Shark Tournament 2001
3rd Place, Montauk Marine Shark Tournament 2005

Montauk charter boat, Alyssa Ann, sails from West Lake Marina, Montauk, NY., which has been called the “Sportfishing Capital of the World”.

We have aboard all the necessary navigational, safety and fish-finding equipment that will ensure a safe and enjoyable day. On board you will also find state-of-the-art fishing tackle and equipment that will enable us to pursue every species of fish from striped bass to shark and tuna. TACKLE INCLUDES LEFT HANDED REELS!!

We fish inshore for bass, cod, blues, blackfish and flounder. Offshore we catch tuna, shark, martin and dolphin (fish). We have both day and night trips inshore and regular as well as extended day trips offshore. In addition, we offer special long range wreck trips for giant summer cod, pollack and hake.

We Catch Tuna From Mid July to Early October

White Marlin and Mahi-Mahi are caught mixed in with the tuna!!

Monster Sharks are caught June to November!!!

Also caught are Blue, Brown, Tiger & Hammerhead Sharks!!
We Average 12-15 Sharks Per Trip!!

Trophy Striped Bass are available Mid May to Early December

WE CATCH BASS drifting using live bait, at anchor chunking with cut bait, drifting with jigs and trolling.

Big Cod can be caught 12 months a year.

Pollack and Hake are also caught mixed with Cod

Giant Doormat Fluke are available Late May to September

Bottom Fishing is best May into December

Cod and Fluke are also caught.
We can do combo trips such as Striped Bass and Seabass or Striped Bass & Blackfish Etc.

I am a full time professional fisherman licensed by the U.S.Coast Guard. I've been fishing most of my life and have fished the waters surrounding Montauk since 1971. My season starts late March and ends in mid- December.

The ALYSSA ANN has the capability of cruising 20 KNOTS!!! This translates not only into more fishing time, but also enables us to go longer distances in pursuit of exotic offshore species.

We are a sportfishing operation and I do not encourage the sale of fish caught aboard my boat. In fact all fish belong to the customer. If you are interested in chartering the Alyssa Ann or if you would like additional information feel free to contact us.

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Note: If you would prefer to call us to reserve your trip, please do so at 631-668-1635

  • You only need to bring what you will eat and drink
  • A 15% tip for the mate is customary and appreciated.
  • Gift Certificates Available!
  • We can also help in the arrangement of accommodations!
  • Note: All trips are + $25. on Fri., Sat., Sun.
Inshore Fishing: Striped Bass, Blues, Fluke, Bottom Fishing
Type of Charter Time
1/2 Day AM
1/2 Day PM
5:30 – 11 AM
11:30AM -5 PM

Twilight Bass 4:30 to 8:30 PM

Night Bass 7PM- 11 PM

Full Day 5:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Offshore Fishing: Sharks, Tuna, Mahi- Mahi, Marlin
Type of Charter Time
Full Day 5:30AM – 4 PM
Canyon Trip
2:30 AM – 5 PM
Canyon Overnight Day #1 – 10 AM
Day #2 – 2 PM
AT Montauk Fishing Charters we are especially sensitive to the needs of the client. We are aware that there is often the need for a boat that takes more than 6 people. Currently, there are 5 boats in Montauk Harbor than can take more than 6.
We've had some impressive catches here at Montauk. Take a moment to view our photo gallery and see the variety available in the area.
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